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"We Enda, Toka Hapa" Dp Ruto Badly Heckled And Chased Away(Video)

Dp Ruto has a lot of fans and wherever he goes, they are always there to cheer him. However, as he was in Kinangop, some kenyans heckled him. As they were doing this, they were telling him to leave from there because they want BBI. This was posted by Abraham and on his post he wrote, "BBI in Kinangop"

Here are some of the comments:

Muriu: its now obvious there shall be counter chants in every rally except in nyanza and rift valley

Dr: we were now sure this will be the modus operandi of the system and its sympathisers..but remember every action attracts equal but opposite reaction.

Msc: hehehe..people are looking sideways for reinforcements are clearly a set up group..

Mamamo: Slowly, but surely this gusoi man is running out of options. Yesterday, it was Isiolo, today is Kinangop,,,,,tomorrow.....

Rustic: Tolerance, sobriety and courtesy.

Talk and let others talk!

One People, One Nation.

Ruto in Kinangop

Abuu: 5 people heckling, enyewe na hiyo Masters yako huwezipata kazi kabisaaaa 🤣🤣🤣

Weldon: Watu wawili wa 50bob. Just to ensure you make a video of the day. The hustler wave is too heavy for such sideshows.

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BBI Dp Ruto Enda Kinangop Toka Hapa


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