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20 Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Get your nails Halloween ready , and nobody will throw rotten pumpkins at you! From creepy eyes to awesome bats, there are some cool ideas here to get you started.


1) Beetlejuice Halloween Nails

How can you not love purple for Halloween?! You can use nail decals to top it up or even apply stickers such as bats or pumpkins.


2) Spooky Purple

Cute nails!! You could do the opposite...paint the nails white and put black eyes and a mouth like a ghost!! How cute for Halloween!!


3) RedRum Nails

The extensive nail tutorial manicure to the right is inspired by mexican sugarskull glow and is in the dark. Glow in the dark nail polish is definitely something you need to get your hands on for Halloween.

4) Pumpkin Nails

Orange is perfect for Halloween nails. What's more, you can be clever about how you paint your nails so this will take you through the weekend even just for lunch with the girls. For example the color is season appropriate but it's not over the top spooky.

5) Frankenstein Nails

Black is a very elegant color that will really be eye catching for any party. Jazz it up with a feature nail for example zebra stripes.


6) Freddy Krueger Halloween Nails

These are very cute nails especially for little ones going trick or treating for the evening. Why not do a cute manicure to match your little ones to look super cute as you trick or treat.


7) Ghost Halloween Nails

This is really effective for the tips of your nails. All you need for this is red and a thin paint brush for the black. If you feel like going all out you could wear a spider woman costume to match.

8) Spooky Nails

These Japanese style 3d nails are so cute for any festive event. Consult your local salon to get this look or you can purchase them online.


9) Halloween Red and Black Nails

What a super cute way to get all the characters of Halloween on your nails.


10) Spooky Bats

If you are dressing up as a witch these are the perfect nails to accessorize your look.


11) The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is a must have for fans of the John Burton movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas" although you will need a slightly higher skill level than usual to get the perfect look!


12) Spider Web Nails

This is a really great look for a Halloween party and because its so simple you'll only need a few minutes to create the web. The rest of the nails can be painted with a glossy black polish.


13) Electric Orange Pumpkins

This is a real show stopper of a Halloween nail design - electric orange pumpkins on a black background. Again this might take a little bit of time to create but f you get the end result below then it's definitely worth the extra effort!


14) Spooky Purple Ghosts and Bats

I actually love the colors here and makes a nice change from the usual blacks and oranges. Mix it up with ghosts, bats, spiders etc to complete the awesome look!


15) Pumpkins and Spider Webs

This is another simple look you can create in just a few minutes "pumpkins and spider webs".


16) The Nightmare Before Christmas - Part 2

Here's another take on the Tim Burton classic - with all the favorite characters such as Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie, Doctor Finklestein, Mayor of Halloween Town, Lock, Shock and Barrel, Santa Claus etc


17) Red and Black Spooktastic Nails

Heres a spooky little look just using two colors - red and black - in a high gloss. Another very quick design you can create with ease!

18) Black and White Spider Webs

A hand full of webs but luckily no spiders! Just follow the tutorial above to learn how to create these awesome spider webs! By using just two colors - black and white - you can create a really dramatic effect!


19) Frankenstein Inspired

Here's a cheeky little look inspired by the classic horror movie "Frankenstein"


20) Scream Inspired Nails

And here's another movie inspired set of nails - this time the movie "Scream"


So have a spooktastic Halloween and lets hope your nails look totally fab and freaky!

Content created and supplied by: Jobwanjala (via Opera News )

Beetlejuice RedRum Nails Spooky Purple


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