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How to Decorate Nails with Flowers in a Simple and Easy Way

How to decorate nails with flowers

The nails are part of our body must also maintain a good appearance. In fact, they not only have to be cared for, cut and filed, but they can also be decorated to complement an outfit or simply improve their appearance. When you are a beginner in nail decoration , flowers are a good choice as a drawing to make because they are easy to paint. All you will need is some nail polish, some acetone, a toothpick, and a good pulse! In this article I will teach you how to decorate nails with flowers in a simple, fast and inexpensive way.

Steps to follow:


First, remove the polish residue with acetone or nail polish remover and then cut and file your nails properly to start decorating. At OneHowTo we recommend that you use a layered square file, with which you can even, smooth, polish and shine your nails to make them look spectacular.


Then apply a transparent color base over your nails, keeping a cotton pad soaked in acetone nearby in case you have to remove any stains from your fingers; although it is also possible to remove nail polish without acetone . In this way you will unify the natural tone of the nail, add shine and prolong the duration of the colors that you apply next.


Third, we proceed to draw the flowers . First choose an enamel to draw its central area, dipping the tip of a toothpick in the desired color. For example, a yellow or a white usually looks very good. Then gently touch the area of ​​the nail where you want to place it.


Once you have drawn the center on each nail of the first hand (note that you will then repeat the procedure with the hand that you are now using to paint), choose another color of enamel to paint the petals of the flower . For example, if you used white for the center before, this time turn to red for its pretty leaves. In this way, draw five dots around the center of the flower that you previously painted.


Finally, you simply need to paint the stem of the flower , although with the previous step you could also finish the decoration of your nails. However, if you prefer to add a nice stem, draw a slightly curved line under the flower with a green nail polish, starting from the bottom of the nail.


Then let the different glazes dry, an action that can take a few minutes, so do not get impatient or rub your hands against any object to avoid destroying all the work you have done. When drying is complete, add a clear coat of glitter on top of your pretty decorated nails to unify all the decorations and make them soft. And voila, you already have some original flowers on your nails!

Content created and supplied by: MosesGitu21 (via Opera News )


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