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Skin Care

4 Effective Methods Of Eliminating Toilet Odors

We are aware that dirty toilets irritate. In fact, it’s embarrassing when foul smell spreads across the entire house-hold as one attends to the guests. However, sometimes covering the toilet seat with a lid may not help due to poor cleaning methods. So, to maintain that pleasant and healthy smell from the toilet, you must consistently carry-out general hygienic activities such as;

First: proper cleaning of ventilations and fans or any other source of fresh air after six months. While Sanitization of toilet seat should be done on weekly basis.

Second: wash, rinse and dry your towels in the open because they are a great source of bacteria that is harmful to your skin and releases bad smell.

Third: thorough scrubbing and un-blocking the drainage system by using vinegar that is mixed with lemon-based detergents to kill bacteria that travels via water to your toilet.

Fourth: use odor eliminator accessories such as scented candles and desiccants like silica gels to absorb moistures and completely eradicate unpleasant smell.

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