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8 Vital Things You Should Keep Out of Limits to Your House Help

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Most women have complained not once about how their house helps turned tables on them and completely assumed duties as ladies of their own houses.

In worst of the cases, the rogue elements even had them- ladies of the house- being thrown out of their matrimonial homes by their spouses.

So what are the core reasons why such things happens? To understand and deal with the matter, you need to backtrack right into where rains starts beating you.

There are some very simple but vital rules you need to set while settling for an ideal house help. First, you need to understand that this is a woman or girl whom you are going to entrust with most of the household chores.

Therefore, choosing wisely the best maid to suit your qualifications may be tricky.

For instance, always sort the help of a well established bureau that deals with leasing house keeping services to procure a suitable candidate that matches your standards.

This would help you understand the person very well and also make it easier for you to set rules around.

Now having done that. You need to observe the following;

In as much as you as the lady of the house has a tight working schedule, never ever entrusts all your duties as a wife to a house help.

It is a fact that men’s hearts goes for where they feel being shown love and appreciation as who they are…men.

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For instance, choosing what your husband is going to wear to work should be your priority and not your house help’s. 

Also, the master bedroom should be out of bounds to your maids, unless very necessary and in this circumstance, you should be aware of that and present in the room.

Allowing her to enter and leave your private rooms may give her a chance to take a glimpse of your private life and as human beings are, we all would dream of someday owning what we don’t.

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A rogue element in the maids industry would find this chance very fruitful. It may not be too soon before it became a norm for her to frequent the room whenever the boss lady leaves for work and especially leaving their spouses behind. If you know you know.

Avoid picking quarrels with your spouse in the presence of a house help. Some rogue elements may take this chance to find themselves closer to your husband in the name of comforting their grieving hearts. Sooner than later, you will be packing your belongings and vacating your own premises.

Do not allow your maids where skimpy dresses or tights while in the compound at all costs. Some would use such ‘heavenly’ opportunity to try and lure your spouse to fall for them. A very dangerous zone it is.

Let her have to wear a working uniform of your choice that shows decency.

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In as much as family meals may be prepared by your house maids, at least ensure that you supervise the cooking and if possible, be the one to set the table for your husband.

Unless you want him start liking her cooking more than yours.

Some ladies have a tendency of taking everything out on their maid to wash, including her undergarments and to the worst of all, including his.

Even some simple tasks like tying his shoelaces and polishing the shoes should be done utterly by you.


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