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The Cactus Plant And It's Uses

Cactus is mostly recognized plant by most people,it has beautiful blossoms,thick stems and unusual shapes which attract thousands of people. Cactus owe their success in the desert places to their structural adaptations. It takes advantage of the lightest rainfall by having roots close to the soil surface so water is quickly collected by the roots.

Cactus grow mostly in desert places and some in tropical places which in turn make them look unique from other plants.

Cactus is of good use to human beings and animals as follows;

1. Cactus are an important source of food and water for animals such as ground squirrels.

2. Cactus are source of shelter to some birds such as Cactus wren which protect them from preditors.

3. They are used for food and medicinal purposes by human beings,the fruit of the cactus is harvested and taken because it has a sweet taste. Cactus's stem is cut and used as medicine when you get a bite.

Cactus is an important plant and most people don't have the knowledge about it and it plays an important role in our surroundings.

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Cactus Cactus Plant


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