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Forget About Expensive Bricks/Blocks, Use Simple Method to Build House Using Old Car Tyres[PHOTOS]

Use of bricks or blocks in the construction of a house is usually expensive. However, with the increase in technology in the building and construction industry, a new technique of building that involves the usage of old recycled car tyres has emerged. In this technique, the slab is built just in the normal way but the walling process employs the usage of car tyres. The tyres must be arranged end to end on top of each other.

To make the tyres stick against one another, mortar is applied in between them. Wood is also used in making lintels and to separate floors before the tyres can be mounted over the surface. When it comes to roofing, it is also done using the same car tyres to ensure compactability and uniformity.

Generally, car tyres are very strong and resistant to external forces. Therefore, use of these tyres results to the formation of strong houses which are long lasting.

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