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Natural disaster



7 Tips that may Help you in Difficult Situation

Being trapped in your car during a wildfire

If you are caught up in a fire while you are in your car, first thing you must do is to keep calm, find a spot free of grass and other flammable materials and stop. Lie down on your car floor covering yourself until the fire passes or get some help.

Being attacked by a dog

The situation with a dog can be very scary and confusing especially when the dog keeps barking. However this idea might sound so crazy but it works, you just need to be courageous and dont pull back if it has any of your body parts, try pushing the dog instead. Fold your fingers into a fist to protect them.

Getting lost in the woods

When in this situation, you just have to lit a fire and include some materials that can produce a lot of smoke like rubber and pine trees. The smoke from this materials will be black and easier to notice, just be very careful to not put cause fire in the woods, this can be dangerous to everyone.

Getting rid of mosquitoes without insect repellent

Mosquitoes are not too friendly not only to our health but also to the skin. They can really disrupt your sleep at night, so if you forgot some mosquito repellent dont worry, just burn some thyme leaves. This guarantees you 85% protection against mosquitoes

Getting cold exposure injuries

If you are caught in the cold outside you should drink a lot of water to keep you warm. Dehydration is among the factors that may increase the chances of being affected by cold

Getting struck by lightning in a tent

In General, if you are found outside during a heavy rain or storm with lightning, avoid looking for shelter under big trees because lightning is most likely to strike big tree or tall objects. Do not forget that this tree might break a branch and it might fall on your tent.

Getting separated from the group in the dark

This applies to those who love going into the forest for some adventure or just hiking. Everyone in the group must have a glow stick in case you get separated, this way you can find each other easily especially at night

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