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Opinion: Why You Shouldn't Be Quick To Judge Professor Hamo

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Greetings! Welcome.

First, in saying this I neither mean to support, criticize nor to take any side based on the currently trending topic about Professor Hamo and Chemutai.

But let's be real, as the legend has it "The weakest person is he/she who believes whatever he/she hears without taking a deep insight. " So am not in any position to clarify nor deny the claims. Angry? Don't be , just lend me a minute to explain.

You see, Twitter is a 'tool' and like any other tool it can either be beneficial or destructive depending on how it's used, at any moment it can cease being a 'tool' and transform into a 'weapon'. Laymanly, let's take a knife as an example, when you see it in your mom's hand, you know a delicious dish is coming your way, however when you see the same knife in a stranger's hand you'll be vigilant because you might be the 'dish'. That's how most social media platforms work.

Back to our topic, I think we live in a society that's being driven by greed, jealousy,bitterness and envy where most people take pleasure in other's misfortunes. Here's is a proof, most people are calling for sacking of Prof.Hamo now, as I said I won't take sides but here's is the thing, WHY ARE WE ONLY FOCUSING ON THE PUNISHMENT INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON THE SOLUTION/CORRECTION that will be favourable to the mother,kids and Hamo (if the story is true)

Why are we always quick to decide on the punishment instead of focusing on the favourable solutions first? Am no marriage/relationship expert but I know it's best when everybody in the family 'wins' from kids to mom to dad. So, if at all Hamo is sacked as per the suggestion of some netizen how will that help in taking care of the family, you see at times, no matter how worse the situation may be, it is wise for the solution to come first, not the punishment.

It's also not a good habit to stick our noses into other people's relationships to a point of making the 'right ' decisions for them. It's no secret that no relationship is perfect, why can't we stick to mending ours and only give an advice when asked to?

Twitter is becoming a menace(Facebook too).Most KOT take pride in judging ,abusing and giving premature verdicts without deep insight into the matter not to mention body shaming and cyberbullying vice.


I wish Prof.Hamo,Chemutai and the kids to reach to a solution that's beneficial and favourable all of them, whether they decide to settle the matter in court, chief's camp or privately as a family it's all upon them.

If they decide to settle down the 'matter' successfully don't be suprised to see less number of comments/likes as compared to before, when the 'trouble' was brewing. That defines how toxic, jealous,envious and bitter we are to everyone achieving his dreams. We only take pleasure and smile on someone's misfortunes.

What if we shared job opportunities as we share other people's misfortunes? What if tommorow's 'hot tea' will be about a job advert?Be the judge.

Thank you , for more articles please consider subscribing. Until then, stay safe/ take care.

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