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"Clever Idea" Instead Of Throwing Away Old Toilet Seat, See What A Creative Man Has Done.

It is recommended that the world should embrace recycling of old materials inorder to lower production cost hence cheaper products while also eliminating pollution caused by unrecycled non biodegradable materials in the environment.

Toilet seats are often thrown away after they become old and non functional for their purpose. However,a man has devised a new method to recycle these toilet seats leaving many netizens impressed. The material to make toilet seats is called polypropylene,a non biodegradable material with high heat resistance.

The material works efficiently at a temperature of 180F or 82.2 degrees Celsius. Instead of throwing the seat away,he has converted it into a Jiko to cook food and can also be used for grilling purpose. He has put a removable grill on the seat so that charcoal can be added to the bottom of the seat.

The creative idea is however subjective. Polypropylene,the material to make the seats melts above temperature of 163.8 Degrees celcius.

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