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If You Come Across This In A Hotel Room Or In A Public Toilet, Leave Immediately

In this day and age, people are willing to take advantage of you at every turn, and you never know when you could be the target of someone’s next perverse ploy. When it comes down to it, the best thing we can do is stay informed and share dirty schemes like this to ensure that our loved ones, family, and friends aren’t wrongfully taken advantage of.

Coat hook looks like a regular clothes hook, but it can also be used to hang light clothes because of double sided tape mounting which can stand light weights.

What look like regular coat hooks being placed in women's public toilets might be far more sinister. These hooks may look innocent, but unfortunately, they aren't. These hooks have hidden cameras inside of them. Usually if we don't have anything to hang up, we don't give a second glance to the hooks on the back of doors.

The 'spy' hooks which are also readily available to buy in the UK look innocent enough but contain miniature cameras inside, which film through a small hole at the top of the plastic. If you see a hook like this in a public bathroom, hotel, dressing room, etc. you should leave and call the police. The big thing to look out for with these hooks is the tiny little hole at the top. That's the camera.


Women in particular have been recorded while in the shower or changing without their knowing. What adds to the terrifying scenario is the fact that these spy camera hooks are accessible and easy to purchase by criminals. You want to take a look at these seemingly innocent wall hooks.Notice the double hooks. These are not usually the standard in coat hooks.

If you notice one of these hooks in a public place, be sure to leave the area and alert authorities immediately.

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