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The Main Reason Why Leaders Love Red Carpets In The World (PHOTOS)

Most world leaders are obsessed with red carpets as it can be clearly seen in their life styles. In most cases, you would see them stepping on red carpet when departing or arriving in a given country from airport.

In fact, some countries boasts red carpet even in the state house and Kenya is an example. However, the main reason why most of these leaders love red carpets can be traced back in Ancient Greek under leadership of king titular who had red carpet pathway left for him when he returns from Trojan war. The carpet was preserved for gods and he could walk on it to avoid touching ground that mortals do. Red colour was chosen because it was rare and was expensive to produce before synthetic dyes.

Today, red carpet is a symbol of high dignitaries and royalty. It is laid for people held in high esteem to avoid stepping on ground like rest of us. Having said that below are some of the most respected people walking on a red carpet.

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