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Opinion: Why Skillion Roof Makes An Attractive Choice For Those Who Appreciate Minimalistic Designs

Most people spend so much on roof just for design and excuisite attraction. A roof is the most common aspect for housing. A part from shielding the occupants of a house a roof does nothing else . It is used to trap rain water for harvesting to storage tanks. Approximately 90% of home owners go for different types of roof purely for aesthetics. Irrespective of the type of roof they all serve the same purpose as shelter.

This roofing style has only one slope, because of the single slope, skillion roofs make an attractive choice for those who appreciate minimalistic designs. This is the only single flat surface, as opposed to having two sloping sides which meet in a ridge or peak in the centre of a building. It is the latest and affordable latest roof design which tend to offer slightly lower prices interms of timber, number of iron sheets used and labour cost compared to other roof design. The roof is commonly used for users who value class, durability and aesthetic appealing design. The affordability and maintenance costs of this roof is affordable and spacious.

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Skillion Roof


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