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How To Plant Bananas In The Pots For More Yield


Banana tree grow in tropical and subtropical parts of the world and therefore they love full sun, heat and humidity. If you are growing banana tree you should keep it in a pot that receives the sun most of the day but preferably sheltered from the wind.

Therefore not all varieties that can be grown in pots and indoors. These varieties include dwarfs varieties. These dwarf varieties of banana tree restrict up to only 1.5m to 4m and are suitable to grow in containers. You can also grow these banana varieties, dwarf red, dwarf Cavendish and dwarf Brazilian.

Growing banana tree requires well drained soil,sand soil that is rich in organic matter and compost. Buy a good quality potting mix for your banana tree. If you are making it at home make sure to mix sand, perlite and compost manure.

Bananas love moisture. Water it regularly and deeply but care not to overwater. In summer, water it every day. It may need water even two times a day during hot weather.

Banana is a fast growing plant and it requires heavy feeding to grow at its full strength. Fertilize young plant when it establishes well with nitrogen rich fertilizer to help it grow faster. Once your banana tree in pot becomes mature enough to produce fruit, fertilize it with 15:5:30 fertilizer regularly.

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Brazilian Cavendish


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