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Studio Apartments Ideas. Create a small space into a beautiful room.

Imagine transforming your living space in to a kitchen, bedroom, living room and probably a study are. It can be quite clutter-phobic with a small space.

Here are some ideas to make to make your small space into a comfortable home;

1. Add a room partition or room divider, between your bed and living room are. The dividers create a sense of privacy even if you live alone.

2. Closet rack organizer, the zip up closet rack is portable rack that can be dismantled and moved easily around the room. The rack has an area for hanging and folding for your clothes, if you want you can place your shoes below the rack.

3. Floating shelves, these type of shelves don’t need wall brackets, the wall fixings are hidden within the shelf board, with no visible supporting brackets. Add these if your landlord or apartment management allows it. You can either have rectangular shelves or just an octagon shape. Not too large for the wall.

4.Wall Mirror, Mirrors are loved due to the fact the make the space have an illusion look. They make the living room complete.

5. Carpet, are beautiful but choosing the right color or texture is the key point. The best suggestion is to get a medium sized type and make sure it compliments the colors of your furniture.

6. Coffee table and stools, Remember if you choose to have a coffee table make sure its has storage compartments to keep your books or newspapers hidden. If you choose to have stools it should be a “three nest stools”,perfect for small space and very versatile in use. If you choose to have both, Make sure they aren’t to big for the living space. You want to move around.

7. Wall arts, make the room look more beautiful. A touch of art can make your room look expensive with an affordable price tag. Make sure you choose the right art for your space.

8. Hanging rack, a multi-functional wall mounted hanging rack has enough storage's to place or put your things on, like spices or personal use items. One can place it at the kitchen, bathroom, or behind a door since it has hooks for it.

Creating space for a studio apartment can be daunting but with patience and a keen eye for interior design, you can always create a perfect space.

Below are other photo ideas;

These studio apartments are great ideas on how you should arrange and great space for your room.

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Studio Apartments Ideas


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