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Not Bricks Again, See How You Can Use This Cheap Material To Build A Cost Effective House(Photos).

Stone building has been in use since time immemorial. The stones were readily available and were cheap. However,with continuous usage,natural stones decreased tremendously in number and a newer alternative were to be hatched. This has resulted into manmade stones for building. Man made stones however have become expensive due to their high demand. A newer and cheap method to replace the stones has been found and is in the market.

This new method uses recycled old aluminum cans. In this method,mortar made of cement and sand are use as a binder to the aluminum cans. Mortar is spread over the surface to be built and the cans laid in a pattern of a wall. The cans are laid on top of one another and mortar used to hold them strongly.

The cans are laid on each other until the desired height of the wall is reached. This method is very cheap as it involves replacement of stone with recycled aluminum cans that can be cheaply acquired.

However this method of building is not as strong as using bricks. Aluminum is not a very strong material. Therefore,this method is limited in areas experiencing seismic waves and earthquakes.

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