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Forget About Using Stones For Your House, Here Is The Cheapest And The Simplest Way To Build A House

For a long time, people have built with stones due to their availability and ease of access. However,over time,the price of stones both machine cuts and ordinary bricks have become expensive due to changing economic times. Stone mining is also not very environmental friendly due to air pollution associated with it's dust during mining. New methods that eliminates the use of stones have been found effective. There are methods to choose from but in this article,we shall only look at a new method that replaces stones with logs.

In this method after foundation has been built,mortar is spread out and logs laid just like in stone building. The logs are cut into the appropriate lengths and laid end to end until and mortar applied to hold them tightly. The pattern continues until the the desired height of the building is reached.

This method is very good with those that have planted their trees. Wastages like those in stone building where stones break up is not witnessed in this method. The method saves time for building as the logs are large enough and fills the space very faster compared to stones such as bricks.

To avoid leaving the land bare,for every tree cut,one should ensure that another tree or more is planted. With this method,there is also less pollution unlike in stone mining.

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