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Use This Plant In Treatment Of Stomachache.

The plant is called Mexican sunflower in English and it's scientific name is Tithonia diversifolia.

In local names, Kikuyu call it maruru, mulaa in kamba, Amaua in kisii, Amaroro in luhya, Akech for the luo and kirurite in Embu.

It is a bushy plant that grows up to 3 metres tall. The leaves are finely hairy and Greyish- Green in colour. The stems are hollow and slightly ridged and hairy when young.

The flower heads look like sunflowers but have yellow centres. It is a fast-growing species used as a garden ornament, a green manure in agroforestry and also as a folder crop for livestock such as goats and cattle.

The plant's constitute properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-malaria and antidiabetic. It also has anti-diarrhea and analgesic properties together with phytochemicals such as flavonoids, tannis and alkaloids that are help in treatment of constipation, stomach pains, indigestion and liver pains

How to use it to treat your stomachache: smash a handful of fresh leaves and steep in a litre of warm water.stir to cool. Then take 1 glass thrice a day(x3) for adults and children take a quarter to a half a glass depending on the age from 4 years.

It mostly grows along the roadsides and disturbed areas. Its abundant in East Africa and is spreading rapidly in habitats such as grasslands, disturbed lands and riparian zones (the banks of water courses).

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