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7 Tips On How To Keep Your House Smelling Fresh.

Fresh smells brings comfort and relaxation in a home. Following are 7 tips on how to keep your home smelling fresh.

Mentain High Standards of Hygiene;

Clean all dirty untencils after use, clean any food spills on the cooker to avoid bad smell. Occasionally poor hot water with disinfectant through the sink to avoid clogging of the sink that can lead to bad smell.Dispose off rubbish from the dustbin to prevent them from decomposing this can lead to bad smell.Always ventilate the house after cooking to avoid build up of moisture and spices smell in the house. Clean all the dirty laundry in the house regularly to avoid smell of sweat and old purfume. Sweep and mop the floors to avoid pile up dust, all throw blankets,pillow cases, curtains should be occasionally cleaned.

Ventilate the home;

Most affordable method is the natural method of ventilation like opening windows and doors to allow the release of moisture and heat from the house that may make the home smell dump, It also allows in clean air. There are circumstances that may not allow natural methods to work then can use other mechanical methods to ventilate the home like use of fans and air conditioners.

Use of upholstery perfumes and air fresheners;

There are air fresheners which you spray into the air in the house to freshen up the smell of the home, fresheners are mostly used in the toilet to keep off waste smell.upholstery purfumes are applied directly into Sofa sets, mattress and curtains to keep them smelling fresh. They can also be added to mopping water to keep the floors smelling fresh. They come in variety of scents to choose from.

Use of Oud and Bakhoor

Mostly used by muslims and arabs. They are made from selected backs of trees mixed with purfumes and scented oils. They are burnt on a red hot piece of charcoal hence they produce good smelling smoke that will keep smelling fresh for longer the smoke dissolves into the upholstery thus the scent can be held in the house for longer.

Use of scented candles;

Candles are not only used to light but purfumes and essential oils can be added to them such that when lit they emite good scent. Essential oils are also known to have therapeutic characteristics so they can be used for meditation and relaxation purposes.The scent from the candle lasts as long as the candle is burning.

Essential oils;

Essential oils are concertrated extracts from plants. There are fruity and woody essential oils. There are many varieties to choose from. Essential oils are used with a humidifier , you put afew drops in the humidifier then switch on the humidifier, it will produce moisture that smells like the essential oil used. Essential oils are known to have medicinal and therapeutic characteristics. Afew drops can be added to the mopping water that leaves the floors with a fresh sweet scent.

Use of Moth balls;

Moth balls can be kept in the shoes to prevent bad smell and also they are kept in the bathroom and to absorb bad smell this keeps the bathroom fresh. These days there are more variety of moth balls scents to choose from.

Use of softener to rinse bedsheets, bedcovers,throw blankets and loose covers. The smell of the softener will be retained in the linens for sometime.

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