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10 Hilarious Things Everyone Does But No One Talks About

Some things we found ourselves doing are actually funny but we will never notice because they might seem normal to us. For example these ten situations 

1. In the market, when you ask for the price of an item and you realize that you don't have enough money; you start acting as if you are not sure whether to buy the item or not

2. We always have a panic attack at the counter when the cashier starts serving the next customer and we haven't yet finished putting our change in the wallet yet

3. The reaction most people may have when sitting in a public place like a restaurant or in a hall and the people next to us start laughing out loud, this might feel so uncomfortable. 

4. Everyone appears differently in those pictures taken by our friends when we weren't ready yet

5. We all feel like we sound differently in our own recordings compared to how we feel when talking to other people. Most people cannot withstand their own recordings. 

6. Sometimes we get confused when we try to sign in to a site using our email only to get a confirmation that our emails have already been used. 

7. In some situations, we may get a call from that one person we don't want to talk to, now all we have to do is stop everything that we were doing with the phone and wait for this call to end

8. Everyone has ever been into that situation where the alarm clock rings in the morning but you don't feel like getting out of the bed, so you spend 5 to 15 minutes in the bed because you are not able to get up

9. When you are in the house with sone relatives or even children and the remote goes missing, there is only one option left; to ask them to check if they are sitting on the remote. 

10. Most people have a lot of t shirts, let's say like 20, but they will wear only 5 of them and they can throw away 0.

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