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Natural Ways Of Removing Stains In Your Teeth

It is the wish of each and everyone to laugh and smile when others laugh or smile.

However, discoloured and stained teeth can make one feel uncomfortable to laugh in public.

This is because, the beauty of a good smile is exposing a set of pure white teeth.

Today I have brought a solution to that class of people who have stained teeth or discoloured teeth.

In this article I am going to share with you how you can naturally do away with stains on your teeth and also discoloured teeth.

1. Use lemon juice before you brush your teeth.

Natural lemon fruit has a bleaching content in it.

If your teeth are discoloured or stained, you are advised to put lemon sap in your mouth and retain it for around ten to twenty minutes before brushing your teeth, the bleaching content will do away with the stain and remove them. Repeat the process several times. After some time your teeth turn pure white

2. Avoid some behaviors.

Avoid some behaviors like smoking, cigarettes have content that sticks on your teeth hence discoloring them.

3. Brush your teeth regularly.

It is advisable that brush your teeth after every meal. This helps in removing all food remains in your mouth. Foot remainders bring about staining or discolouration of your teeth. Food particles in between your teeth leeds to germs that can destroy your teeth.

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