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Has Caterpillar Ever Landed On Your Body?

Caterpillar is one of the insects found in the world. Its a funny insect with hairs all over its body. My question is has this insect ever landed on your body? If yes, what we're your reactions?

Speaking from experience, this insect landed on my body and it was never a good experience at all. At first, I felt some movements at my back, I never took it seriously, then the movement continued. I had to use my hand to do my investigation only to find out it was a caterpillar.

I screamed running up and down for help. The people whom I met on the way thought it was something serous only to find out it was a caterpillar. They removed it. Even though my skin was itching and rushes we're found around the area.

So the first aid was to apply kerosene to stop the itching and that the insect' s hairs that we're left could come out easily.

Some Treatment and control of caterpillar infection.

Avoid contact with any hairy caterpillars or materials that they have contacted. When handling these insects, suitable protective clothing such as eyewear and gloves should always be worn. Most infestations are short lived and will subside after a short period. 

If the caterpillar infestations are causing an appreciable problem, a pest control officer can chemically treat the food plant or harbourage area. Infestations will normally die out through the depletion of food resources or predation.

Treatment of affected skin by itchy caterpillars includes the removal of all affected clothing. Apply a piece of adhesive tape to the affected areas and pull the tape off immediately. This should remove the majority of the hairs and reduce the irritation. The tape can be examined under the microscope to observe hairs.

Wash all areas where itchy caterpillars have been observed or where irritation occurs. Commonly irritation occurs from touching the caterpillar or moth, or contact with bed linen after moths or airborne irritating hairs have landed on washing. 

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