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5 Ways to Safely Remove Something Stuck in your eye

When an object gets into your eye, it makes one feel uncomfortable, before trying to get it our always make sure your hands are clean. Most people do forget this step especially when they would like remove the object as fast as possible. This step is important because you will lessen the risk of getting dangerous bacteria or dirt in your eyes.

Try to blink to wash it out with your tears

Most of the time we rub our eyes first when something gets into our eyes but this might not be the best reaction because it might cause even more damage like swelling. So it is advisable you start by blinking to allow tears to wash away the foreign object in the eye. This is the natural way the body reacts in such situations.

Locate the object in your eye

Find a well-lit place; look up, down and to the sides see if you can spot the object. If it is not visible then lift your eyelids because it might be inside one of them. For the lower lid, look up and then lift it and for the upper eyelid, look down and try to locate it. After locating the object try to remove it gently.

Have a friend to help you

When someone like a friend is around you, ask for their help especially when you are having some troubles doing it yourself. The person should be calm and try to find the object and remove it gently. Just make sure they have clean hands before trying to touch your eyes.

Submerge your eyes in clean water

Perhaps this is the safest and fastest way to get rid of a foreign object in your eye. The process is very simple; get a bowl of clean water and put your head into it with your eyes open without blinking. Try to move your eyes around to allow the water to wash your eyes. The object should remain in the water, lift your head and blink to make sure the object has been washed away

Remove small grains of dust and sand using a cotton swab

You can try to remove objects like dust and sand using a damp cotton swab. Hold your eyelids with your finger and place the cotton swab against it. Roll it gently avoiding the eye itself to prevent irritation.

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