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Life Lessons That You Should Know

Dare to teach the world a new reality where generosity and compassion are the norms. One of our biggest lessons in life is allowing ourselves to relax. In fact, when we don’t relax we often interfere lesson process of our unfolding good.

Life is very simple. Things fit, or they don’t. They work, or they don’t. Someone likes us, or they don’t. I know from my own experience that chasing after something that is not meant for me is painful and stressful.

It also keeps us from experiencing the joy of living in the present moment, and the magic often found in those moments.

When we learn to relax and let go, it doesn’t mean we don’t care or stop showing up in life. It simply means that we have read the signs and decided to stop arguing with them.

There is always an open door if we remain relaxed yet woke. That open door could lead you to a wonderful place you’ve never imagined for yourself.

I don't know about you, but I prefer life to be simple. I love the feeling of peace and ease and less, and it's so much more fun floating downstream.

I choose to show up today and do and be my best, and let the rest go. It's enough. We're not in charge of the Universe, and that's a good thing. May you notice and embrace all the little moments of today.

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