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3 Amazing Ways You Can Plant Your Own Vegetables In Containers In Urban Setup

With urbanization and limited space, many people are finding alternative ways of getting fresh vegetables.

There are many ways you can plant your own vegetables in town in containers. Whether you are leaving in rented house or your own, it doesn't matter because doesn't require a lot of space.

You can use the following items to plant your vegetables.

1. Used water containers.

2. Sacks

3.Old tyres

4.Old buckets

5. Old detergent containers.

Some times, this containers are readily available, especially after using water containers you can use them to plant your vegetables stead of throwing them everywhere causing pollution.

You can use these plastic containers to plant ; 1.vegetables like sukuma wiki, spinach, coriander, hot paper, eggplant, tomatoes among others.

2. Fruits like strawberries.

The advantage of planting your vegetables in containers are.

1. Doesn't require a lot of space.

2. Easy to weed, since you will only need to uproot the weeds using your hand.

3. You will always get fresh vegetables right from your farm.

4. It can be a source of income depending on the number of plants you have grown.

5. Require little water, therefore you can use the little amount of water you have and get your vegetables through out.

5. Most are potable, Incase you relocate you can always move with your vegetables.

How to prepare your containers for planting.

1. Get top soil.

2. Prepare your containers by making small holes that will drain excess water.

3. Put your containers in appreciate place and put the soil in it.

4. Plant your seedlings in the container.

5. Water your plant.

Here photos of how you can plant your vegetables using different containers.

1. Use used cement bags and old sacks to grow spinach and sukuma wiki.

You can also grow blacknight shade 'managu' and coriander in sacks

Onions also does very well in sacks you can give it a try.

2. You can use old buckets to grow spinach and sukuma.

You can also grow your tomatoes in sacks.

Strawberries also can be planted in containers.

Thanks for reading, hope you have learned and you are going to give it a try. Don't forget to share, comment and follow me for more updates.

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