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How To Make Money From Organic Compost

Fertilizer is a substance that provide nutrients for plants development and growth.It is formed from animal waste,plant remains and kitchen remains.

You can make organic manure in your home and earn good money daily without knowing.Here are things you need to do and make money from organic manure.

1.Assemble the following materials; Animal waste from cattle,goat, rabbit and chicken, uproot some weeds from the garden and a polythene paper.

2.Locate the correct side and make a small depression that is medium wide.The area should be free from erosion and indirectly from sunlight.Sunlight leads to volatilization of nutrients to the atmosphere.

3.Spread the polythene in the depression and Arrange your materials inside starting with weeds, animal waste to be within and finish on top with weeds.Cover your organic manure with the paper.

4.Turn it after every two weeks to ensure all materials have decomposed properly and check temperature of possible.

5.After four months the manure will be ready for consumption.You can weigh it and sell to farmers who earn you some income.You can repeat the procedure regular which can earn your the link below to get the source

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