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Top 10 Unique Houses In The World, See Photos

Read and see photos below

Everyone has their own unique method of expressing themselves; some like to express themselves via art forms such as music and dance, while others prefer to express themselves through poetry and prose. Architecture, on the other hand, is one of the most underappreciated forms of art. Designing a magnificent home, one where people feel more at ease than they do elsewhere in the world, is not an easy feat.

Although most architects create homes that are appropriate for both urban and rural settings, a few architects seek to stand themselves by designing unusual residences that convey a statement. As a result, here are some of the unique houses on the planet;

1: Salzburg, Australia's Auto Residence

This house is situated in Salzburg, Australia. It was designed to look like a car.

2: Miziara Lebanon's Aeroplane House

It is found in Lebanon. Its outside is designed to look exactly like an aeroplane.

3: Suwon, South Korea's Toilet House

Designed too look like a toilet pot.

4: Inverted House at Tressenheide, Germany

This is a fascinating house built upside down. The roof is the floor and vise versa.

5: Tokyo, Japan's Transparent House

95% of this house is made of transparent glasses.

6: Beijing, China's Egg House

7: Delme, France's Gue(ho)st House

8: Lubbock, Texas's The Steel House

9: Mexico City's Giant Seashell House

10: Wales's Hobbit House

Below are photos of other unique houses around the world;

Which of the above house is more unique than the others?

Wich of the above houses would you like to own?

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