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Tricks and tips on Energy saving

There are thousands of ways to save energy in the house. I like to share some special few tricks and tips. Every little steps counts.

Be energy conscious

Lower temperature settings on water heater,increase on your refrigerator and freezer, insulate your hot water heater and pipes, turn off the lights when not needed, unplug devices and small appliance when notvin use,get rid of second freezer or refrigerator, dry clothes in sun rather than dryer, use pots with tightly lids, keep oven door closed while cooking, use foil reflectors under stove elements and reheat food in microwave.


install motion activated lights, use push moverinstead of a power mover, cover yourpool on spar when not in use and use pump overnight for pool at night it is also impotant to save fuel in car.

Driving habits to save fuel

Go shopping once a week, buy car which fuel efficient,avoid rush hour, reduce speed to save fuel, keep costant speed, stop overloading the car, most important maintain your car change your oil, tire air and save fuel.last but not least use punlic vehicle to work or you can even walk.

Happy energy savings.

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