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4 Easy Questions That Can Reveal Who You Really Are

To answer these questions, I would require you to have a piece of paper and a pen to write your answer down. Also when answering the questions, write the first thing that comes into your mind do not think deeply.

Relax, be comfortable in your resting position, turn off your normal thinking for a while and now imagine that you are in an ocean which has clear water, the water is even a little bit warm, so you dive into the ocean to admire the creatures that live there and all over sudden you see a mermaid. What color is her tail?

While still looking at the mermaid, you realize there is a fish that is swimming towards her, what kind of the fish is it? Is this fish dangerous and aggressive or is it just calm and harmless?

You decide to dive even deeper on the seabed, there you notice a shell, what does the shell look like? Is it smooth and flat, for example curved and cone shaped?

It is time you go back to the shores of the ocean, so you swim to the shores and you end up on the beach, how many people do you see there?

Here is what your answers say about you

The color of the mermaid’s tail indicates how sociable you are, if you saw green or blue these are cool and calm colors that indicate you are shy sometimes. Bright colors like pink and yellow indicate that you can find common language even with strangers

The fish that was swimming towards that mermaid; if you thought of a harmless calm fish then this tells that you can stand for what you believe in and expressing your opinion. However if you saw a very harmful fish, then this indicates that you prefer to avoid conflicts and arguments

The shell indicates how open you are to those around you; a simple shell without any marking reveals that you find it easy to open to those around you. If you saw the opposite; a shell which looked unusual with intricate shape, then you don’t open easily about your personal life

The people on the beach, shows how many friends you have in your life, if you saw a lot of people then you love parties and such events, if there were few people then it indicates that you have few friends that are very close to you. If you imagined yourself alone on an empty beach, then you do not trust others and you are probably not looking for friends

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