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8 Signs that Shows a person is Smarter

Frequent feeling boredom

Smart people will always feel bored when doing things they are used to. They love learning new skills and ideas other than doing daily routines. This is because they have a lot of knowledge and skills so when performing ordinary tasks they will not engage all this skills and knowledge.

Feeling younger than their real age

Highly intelligent people tend to feel younger, the higher their intelligence level in adolescence, the more likely they will feel younger in old age. For example Sharon stones who has an IQ of 154, it seems like her soul never gets old

Difficulties in building romantic relationship

Due to the fact that they are smart, this doesn’t mean that they attract everyone, research has shown that people with an IQ of 120 can often find themselves lonely. They will mostly prefer people with lower IQ that theirs. However there is a separate group of people with high emotional intellect.

They have a habit of biting their nails

It might be hard for genius people to get rid of bad habits than other people. This habit can show two things about your life, firstly, there is an increased level of stress in your life and also you are described as a perfectionist who will strive just to finish a certain task as soon as possible


One might be smart but still they can forget some simple things, this means that even geniuses have their own problems. They tend to be carried away with their ideas that they forget simple things like daily task

Ability to solve issues in an original way

For a person to be able to solve a problem successfully they need to understand the issue first, this shows how our mind works. In order to get creative, you need to understand the essence of the things around you. Applying ordinary methods to come up with a solution for a problem indicates high intellect

Ability to say no to your impulse

Patience might sound simple but it might be an indicator of your intellectual development. According to scientists, people who are able to way option and able to resist their desire demonstrate better results when testing their level of intelligence

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