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Reasons why most people give up on their dreams

We all agree that at some point everyone has specific dreams that they want to achieve at the end of a certain period to feel fulfilled. Some call them visions, while the majority simply say they are dreams.

Some people achieve their dreams at the end of the day while others end up giving up either halfway or towards the end. Although giving up has never been a better option, everyone who gives up has their reasons as to why they do so.

I managed to list some of the reasons that they claim to have caused them to give up:

1. Lack of motivation

In some cases, people need the motivation to deal with big projects whether it's their projects or community projects. Motivation could be in terms of encouragement, competition, or support Support could either be physical emotional, or physical. When they find no motivation to keep on moving or doing what they do, human nature is likely to lure them into giving up on whatever that is.

2. Poor planning

Eighty percent of projects that people give up on are because they did not plan well before they embarked on the project. Planning could be either financial or manpower. Different projects need to be planned in different and accurate ways with experienced personnel for them to be a success. Planning is the backbone of any project or dream. Yes, you have a dream but how are you going to achieve it? If the plan is vague then you are likely to give up on the way.

3. Listening to criticisms.

No matter how hard, or how accurate you might be, human nature has it that you will be criticized by those around you. So if you listen to what they say and put them in your heart, you are likely to give up before you reach halfway. Be careful with people's negativities, watch closely pick what is good and keep moving. Do not dwell on their words.

As we all know, for a dream to come to pass, it is you to put in your effort, if you don't then, you will stay around and give up later. Whatever it is, however small, giving up has never been an option.

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