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How to see your future

God has never revealed anything that will happen in future time. That is to says, the future is unknown to Humanity. There are people who have the ability to predict someone's future correctly. This will only happen if you believe in them, and maybe you are holding the idea of human life being planned by God.

The truth is, your future is in your hands. It depends on the actions you are taking today. To see your future, you need to understand the illusion of time. Time in reality, do not exist as past, present and future. It is a one happening called now. Right now your future is happening here and now. For example if you are schooling for a certain profession, it means your future is happening. There is no separation between what you are doing now and what you are calling future.

Now after understanding time, you have to design the life you crave, then envision it. See it in your mind's everyday untill it becomes reality. Wake up every morning and visualize the life you want.

The power lies within you. Create and design your life exactly how you want.

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