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Common Kenyan Phrases And Their Meanings

You will never get bored in Kenya. People in Kenya are totally hilarious in every situation. They are very good at dishing out names to match a particular context. For instance, if a person calls you “Kiongozi,” they have seen something in you. It is either you have money or maybe, related to someone who has it. The next thing they’d say is “Mkubwa, si umetosha kupata kiti” which loosely implies that you are fit for an elective post. You have to part with something to detach from this kind of person as the last statement would be something like “Si utaacha chai boss.” These phrases work best in pubs when an addict meets a friend they parted ways in class three.

 Kenyans do not approximate the time they will be ready. If you are waiting for a Kenyan then you ask they whether they are almost arriving or not, the would always say “Ndio huyu mimi hapa” but believe me or not, they will arrive in the next two or even three hours.

When someone asks you how much rent you pay, know that they want to make a quick analysis of how much money you earn or draw a conclusion that you are either a swapper on the side hustle or even that you joined illuminati.

“So hautakam tena,” is a common phrase for someone who has sent money to a girl but would not make visit due to one reason or the other. It could also imply that they have better plans.”Mwambie ni mimi nimekutuma” is a phrase that will open doors for you. Armed with this phrase, you do not need to queue. “Uko tu sawa” is a polite phrase that loosely translates that you are ugly. When someone begins a phone call with “Long time, uko aje?” be very scared because they will definitely require something from you.

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