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How To Make Your Life Interesting And Meaningful

If you leave your house without having a destination in mind, you will walk round the city all day long, wasting your time and resources.

Goal setting is one thing that separates successful people from the crowd yearning for a change. A change does not come by accident, it comes by intentionally setting goal and pursuing the set goals to achieve them. A change is a product of an achieved goal.

What is your destination in life? Where are you heading to? In your career, relationship, marriage, ministry, business, etc, where do you hope to arrive? What are you seeing in the next 5 years from today? Who do you want to become in the next 10 years from now?

Without setting and achieving goals, life becomes boring and frustrating. If you are a football fan or player, you will relate to this better.

No man enjoys a game where plays only run around kicking the ball from one point to another without taking time to score a goal, because it is goal that makes a game interesting and not only interesting but more importantly, meaningful. Yes, there will be no award without scoring a goal.

No fan cares about your playing kills or expertise. What they want to see is your goals.

How do you play your game of life? Do you just run around moving from one place to another, or busy with activities but having no clear, specific or achievable goals to score?

Do you start your day with no goals to pursue and score? Do you do business with no target to hit? Do you go into relationship just for the fun? No no no. This is not how those who wants to live their best life act.

To be that happy better you, you have always dreamt of, living each day with goals to achieve is a necessity. It is what will keep moving you towards your best self.

Learn the habit of goal setting and always strive to achieve them.

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