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Man Shares Approximate Cost of Building This Beautiful 3 Bedroom House

A man has shared a catalogue of a proposed three bedroom bungalow on Facebook. The man shared the house plan and the appropriate cost of materials and labor for putting up the house, in short he has shared the cost of a proposed three bedroom house.  

The proposed house will have three bedrooms, the main living room, a kitchen, dining area as well as a corridor. The house will also contain washrooms. These are the most essential features of a house, especially if the house is permanent. They make the house to be self contained and look amazingly beautiful.

According to the man, the house was not too much expensive since the building materials were readily avaliable within the area he intended to build the house. He says that he is set to put up the house in Kiambu County. According to the man, he first budgeted for the building materials before proceeding to put up the house.

As indicated in the shared approximate costs, the man says that the house project will consume 281 bags of cement which he approximated to cost him Shs 210,000. The foundation stones will cost him about Shs 50,000 while machine cut stones are set to cost him approximately Ksh. 90,000. In the costs shared, the roofing materials will cost him about Shs 180,000 while timber and wood materials will cost approximately Ksh 120,000. Other areas that require a tight budget as shown above is the ceiling, doors, windows, painting, electricity installation as well as plumbing. Labor and transportation will also need him to dig deeper into the pocket and has been approximated to cost Shs 180,000. Below is the full budget for the house:

(Source: Facebook)

To succeed in building your own permanent home, planning is very essential. You have to plan ahead and get to know the appropriate amount of money that you will need in the whole process. The above shared costs is a good example of planning ahead. This man has identified the site of construction, selected the house design and planned the costs and probably he have already talked with the architect and will soon start the construction.

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