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How To Save Millions When Building A Modern House

A common dream among members of the public is to build a house of their own.The cost of the project, planning and scarce information makes their dream fail.Engineer Monda Makori has come up with tips that will help in reducing the cost for anyone who wishes to construct a house.

The expert has advised home owners to take into account the pre-planning process before one decides to spend any money before constructing a house.This will help one to know the actual cost of the house and cut down the cost if it is expensive.

Getting an experienced and professional architect who will help in drawing up plans and breakdown of the cost that the whole project will cost,will help in making sure that one has a full set of detailed drawings and obtain the bills of quantities.

People who rely on their salaries to fund a house project are adviced to make sure that they know how much they are willing to spend each month.

It is advised that one should break down construction into sections and have budget allocations for each module of the construction.

Undertaking a linear approach by concentrating on one item at a time during the construction period will help one to complete one process and move on to the next step of the construction.

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