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Funny pictures that will make your day end in smile

Make humor as part of your daily routine and your end will end in a style with a smile.Lets explore some funny pictures here.

Here is the hide and seek game. Look at how the dog is an expert when it comes to body slimming for minutes to avoid a quarrel.Who is brave between the two?

Here is a tissue roller holding a scraber used to by carpenters to smoother or clean timber products. Imagine coming home drunk and you use this as a tissue. How will you report what you did to the family members?

Here is a photo of a kid trying to jump like a spider man who is acting in a movie the kid is watching. Is this what we call applying the theory in practical?

What if this is the reason you are always getting late for the job. You sleep and the cat adjusts the clock due to that voice which the clock makes.

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