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Never Give Up, Life Has Good Things In Never Give Up, Life Has Good Things In Store For You Joyce WA Mama Advises

Joyce was mama who is a well known Kikuyu musician . One of her song is 'wendo wi cama' which was a collabo with samidoh.

She encouraged netizens not to give up by telling them what she has been through in life but never gave up to reach where she is now.

She said that she slept hungry, walked barefooted but never gave up . She had hopes that one day things will be better and now she is one of the mucisian whose songs are trending and liked by many

''I have slept hungry, I have walked barefoot and I have known rejection, I have been abused and I had all the reasons to give up. What you see now is not the end product 'bado naundwa'.

What has made me smile through all this is knowing that somehow I will break through and God is with me.Don’t give up too, you are in the process of being refined.'' she said.

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Joyce Kikuyu WA


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