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Have You Ever Wonder Which Is The Tallest Building In Kenya?.

I guess that many of us have taken a walk in Nairobi town in many occasions, some of us have gone to the extent of even walking in almost every town in Kenya. Do you know the tallest building in Kenya?. Can you guess how tall it is?.

Here is the tallest building in Kenya and many facts that surrounds.

Britam tower is the tallest building in the whole of Kenya.

• This building was constructed recently in the year 2018, it is owned by the British-American investment company, that is where the word Britam was derived from.

• The building is 195 meters tall from the ground or 640 foot from the ground, besides that the building has a 32 usable floor this means that it can take a century to walk up to the 32 floor by foot. Lift is now the main means of transport from one floor to another in this building.

• The shape of this building is prismic shape with a four equal sides.

• This building is located along the hospital road that is in upper hill in Nairobi town. This building was maid for the purpose of commercial, the cost of building this kind of structure was 7 billion Kenya shilling, so you can imagine how gigantic this building is, the best part of it is that being a commercial building it is therefore opened twenty four hours. 

• This building serves as the headquarters of Britam and also the headquarters of business conglomerate of east and central Africa.

I think Kenya has tried in terms of development in these recent years, before you grow old and go back to your rural home for retirement, make an attempt to become a tourist so that you can see some of the amazing features that are found in Kenyan soil.

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