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What the Society Is Capable of Doing to Your Life

As we know a society is a group of people living together,whom share a common agenda.We all grew up in a certain society were it had its own goals and rules ,which must be followed and sometimes if not , there must be some punishment.

It is good to be governed by some rules,but the society has ended up destroying people dreams and goals.This is because the society wants you to be something/someone you never intended to be.

Let's look it in a simple way where you get married, and the society starts to put in pressure that your supposed to give birth immediately.What if you never wanted to get kids,or what if your struggling with a certain complication, which can't allow you to get babies.But our society won't ever understand you in that manner,and if you're not careful you will end up being depressed.

Another thing is maybe you decide that you want to have one kid,whom your capable of taking care without any difficulties.Our society will approach you using all means,and instill the pressure to you so that you can add two or more.In which no one from the same society will be there to help you take care of those babies.

Please let's not give room to the society to plan for our lives which we never intended to have or to.Practising everything said by society may end up destroying your entire life and live miserable.

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