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Here are 5 Easy ways to Stop bad Breath in 5 Minutes

Bad breath can be really disappointing and can ruin your date and even a meeting. Most people suffer from different levels of bad breath here are few measure you can consider to handle this issue

Reasons for bad breath

There are various reasons that may lead to a bad breath; in general, this problem is cause by bacteria that can multiply as a result of bad habits. Some common reason include, not brushing your mouth properly including the tongue, oral infection, smoking and alcohol, gum disease and eating foods rich in sulfur. Here are ways to get rid of bad breath quickly if you are in a hurry

Drink water

The dryer the mouth the more you will experience bad breath this is because the bacteria in our mouth release a gas and saliva tends to prevent the release. So it is advisable you drink water to prevent your mouth from drying hence preventing release of foul gas

Chew herbs like mint, parsley or basil

This method might save you but the problem with it is that it lasts only for a short period of time. The mentioned herbs have a very strong scent that will not clean your teeth but it will give you that strong scent

Have an apple

You can buy or carry it from home, apples contain oxidized polyphenols that neutralizes the bad breath from the mouth, apart from this their texture can also help in cleaning your teeth

Lick a lemon

Lemons have are very useful even at home, sucking a lemon will help you by killing the bacteria responsible for bad breath. You can decide to suck a slice of lemon or just drink its juice from a glass.

Clean your mouth

However, the most important thing is making sure that cleaning your mouth before leaving your house for work or any other even is among your tasks. Make it a habit and pay much attention to your tongue because it is responsible for most of the bad breath

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