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Scared of Snakes? Use These Plants to Repel Them.


are many scents snakes don't like

including smoke, cinnamon, cloves,

onions, garlic , and lime. You can use

oils or sprays containing these

fragrances or grow plants featuring

these scents.


Part of deterring snakes is keeping their food away from the area that needs protection. Strong aromatics, even the ones that smell pleasant to us, can do that. This will keep mice and other rodents from visiting-a benefit all its own.


These bright, lovely flowers look innocent, but marigolds ' roots grow deeply and aggressively. These sturdy roots are the snake repellents. They emit a strong odor that repels snakes , gophers, and moles.

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Snakes are frightened of this plant because of its sharp leaves that can wound them as they crouch through the soil bed. Other than that, it is also very functional in producing more oxygen than the normal oxygen production of plants.

Lemon Grass

Aside from being drought-resistant, easy to maintain and an amazing, all-around spice for food preparations, we all love the lemongrass because of its strong citrusy smell. And speaking of strong smell, snakes hate the lemongrass because it is too smelly for them.

The West Indian lemongrass is particularly a lemongrass variant that snakes hate. Aside from snakes, lemongrass is also a natural repellent for mosquitoes and ticks.


No household exists without cloves of garlic in it so if you have problems with snakes lurking around their soil beds,buy not by cloves but grow them in your own garden. Snakes do not only hate the garlic’s very strong smell, the odor that garlic emits also confuses them. It disorients them because it can smell like a prey at first only to find out that it is not.

Snake Root

Also known as the devil pepper (or serpentina in Asia), it has a bitter roots and foliage that are used to shoo off snakes from farms and gardens.

This is because of its component called reserpine which causes dizziness and slow down the heart rate of snakes.

While it is unknown if snakes die because of the serpentina, we are sure that snakes are frightened of this plant.

Which plants do you use to keep the snakes away?

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