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Cheap And Simple Method To Build A House Using Old Tyres(Photos).

As the world is advocating for green technology and environmental friendly ways to build houses and carry out activities,newer and convenient methods are being devised everyday. Stone building involves mining which destroys the environment. Moreover,stone building is expensive compared to using recycled materials.

A new method of building involves the usage of old recycled car tyres. In this Method,the slab is built just in the normal way but the walling process employs the usage of car tyres. The tyres are arranged end to end on top of one another.

Mortar is used to hold the tyres strongly to each other. Wood is normally used to make lintels and separate floors before the tyres can be mounted over the surface.

The roofing is also done using these car tyres to ensure compactability and uniformity. Car Tyres are very strong and resistant to any form of force. These houses are very strong and long lasting.

This method is very cheap especially when one can get the tyres are readily available. The method is however not aesthetically appealing to the eyes and the type of house they can build is also limited.

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