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Don't Throw Away Broken Tiles After Use, See How You Can Reuse Them To Create A Beautiful House.

Tiles are very expensive to purchase. Ceramic tiles must always be handled with care since they easily break. During the tiling process,for fitting and ensuring that tiles get into the desired location, some tiles always have to be reshaped by breaking to fit into spaces. The broken pieces of tiles are normally considered as waste and they are normally disposed off together with the broken pieces of tiles.

However,these broken pieces of tiles can be reused again for tiling to create a beautiful floor. In this process,you can collect the broken pieces from a construction site or your own construction site. The floor to be tiled is then partioned using wood and mortar placed to hold the tiles. The tiles are then meticulously arranged within the mortar to create a pattern.

Due to the small size of the broken pieces however,their arrangement is time consuming and therefore their usage is limited to a small room or area.

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