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Inspirational Modern Living Room Design Ideas in pictures

The living room is the core area of the house, and its importance is beyond doubt. As the place where our daily activities, friends, and family gather the most, the living room must be carefully decorated, not only eye-catching but also comfortable. Here, you can enjoy a happy holiday, read books to relax, organize a family party, or carry out parent-child activities.

There are various living room designs ideas:

1.) Modern

To achieve a modern living room, spaces and lines are to be kept in mind. A modern living room should utilize space to the maximum, giving every aspect of the room space to breathe, such as the furniture, curtains, artwork, and so on.

2. Minimalistic

The minimalist style is a great choice for modern homes, requiring minimum maintenance and giving the house a clean and organized look. To achieve this style, keep everything to a minimum, from your furniture to artwork. To add your personal touch, use hints of decors like a uniquely shaped chair/table, plants, plain glass, and objects. 

3. Contemporary

This style is great to bring in some variation and a mixture of colors and patterns into the living room. The contemporary style includes elements of modern and trending designs in furniture, lamps, other decor items, upholstery, and so on.

4.) .) Traditional 

To achieve this, Look for inspiration in local textiles, prints, artwork, handicrafts, furniture, and so on. Choose ornate lamps, carved wood furniture, rich carpets, rich colours for upholstery, think metallics, beadwork, and mirror work

5.) Eclectic

An eclectic living room should give free-spirited, bohemian, curated, and artistic vibes. The best thing about the eclectic style is that there are no rules. You can go for mix and match of curtains, sofa, wallpaper, furniture. When picking the wall colour, go bold with offbeat and whimsical colours such as electric blue, purple, or wine red

More pictures of Beautiful Living room design ideas and decor.

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