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7 Tips To Improve Your Confidence During Public Speaking

Many people are aspiring to be public speakers but they don’t know where to begin. Sometimes they feel discouraged by the fact that one needs to be confident and eloquent in whatever to present. Some are however wondering if public speaking is a gift of a skill that can be improved over time. Well, the truth is, public speaking is a skill that takes time to be a master in. In short, it means you need some skills for you to excel in it. 

If you are here to look for ways or tips to help you improve in public speaking, you are at the right place. What you need, is a cool place for you to relax and go through this article that will in one way or another improve your ambitions of being a confident speaker. 

What you need to know is that confident public speakers are always viewed as leaders by time. After presenting your speech on any topic, people will become interested and attracted to you. This does not take much but proper communication skills, proper use of body language are the key and crucial elements.

Notwithstanding, those who are not well accustomed to the simple tricky tips on how to improve their skill in public speaking, always see this as strenuous and stressful that requires a great deal of energy. 

Before proceeding to the main body of our essay, we have to understand what we mean by confidence. Confidence can be simply be defined as the ability to believe in one's self to succeed in something. Having too little confidence can act as a barricade between you and your success. Too little confidence prevents you from taking risks and seizing opportunities. 


1. No one knows anything but anyone has something to share. If you need to excel in public speaking, make sure that you don’t cling to a topic you never mastered well. This will make you stumble and perform sloppily on the stage.  

2. To improve your stage, performances, first, govern your emotions. Secondly, exude confidence in front of your audience, and thirdly deliver a powerful and memorable oral presentation. 

3. Another important tip is to know your audience. The full awareness of the kind of audience you are young to deal with plays a big and important role in uplifting your confidence while on the stage. This helps you to prepare a speech by the glow of your audience. 

4. It feels awkward when a speaker comes and starts reading a bunch of notes out of his or her prepared work just like a robot. Use of proper body language and some jokes. This can be achieved by knowing the key points to use. 

5. Many public speakers fail when they try to be like their mentors or role models. Trying to sound like someone else, might make you stack and affect the flow of your speech. So, to improve on this, always be unique by being yourself. 

6. As humans, we must be always prepared to deal with negative energy such as negative criticism from our audience or whoever it will that motivate us. As a speaker, you have to be mentally and psychologically prepared to face such challenges. 

7. Where people are bored and not interested in some topics, it is your responsibility as a speaker to take charge and engage your audience. This will break monotony and boredom in the room. 

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