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Are You Lazy? How to Energize and motivate Yourself

Do you feel like not performing any task or you just want be comfortable and do nothing. Laziness will always cost or have already cost you , therefore to get away from this sickness called laziness you to accept that your are lazy and stop putting blame to others for your failures. Down below are ways of a avoiding laziness.

1. Do one thing at time

When you have a lot of task to handle multitasking is not the best way to tackle the situation, since it is going to overwhelm you and cause you to loose interest in the work. It is advisable to tackle one task at time if they are couple of them ,this way you are going to give each one of them your undivided attention.

2. Celebrate the small victories

It is always good to celebrate small victories if even if they seems as nothing to celebrate about it them b cause it is going to give drive to want to achieve more. Always give yourself a credit for the small tasks that you handle and don't look down on yourself of it is not what you had expected, this going to keep you motivated and avoid laziness.

3. Give yourself time to relax and rest

This is like a contradiction, but it is always good to relax and take of your mind from your busy work. During relaxation you can do things that you enjoy doing like going for a work , cooking or watching comedies. It is also healthy to have enough time to rest so that you will have energy to work and not feel tired.

4. Exercise

They best way to get rid of laziness is through exercise, when your body is active the mind will follow and be active. It is essential to find time and exercise regularly, it is going to help to have the energy to tackle the task ahead of but also you are going to keep fit and be healthy ,for example you may go for a walk , a jog or workout in the comfort of your home.

5. Be organized

Organizing your house does not only help your house to look good it also help to have that motivation to work and not lay down to only watch tv. It is also good to organize your work place because it gives order and be able to located where certain thing are instead of getting frustrated if it is not organized.

6. Avoid comparison

Avoid comparing yourself with other people at all cost because it is going to demotivate you and every dog has its own time. Comparison always comes when some in the same field as you or age more successful than you ,always know that we all have our time to be successful and shift your energy in achieving your dreams.

7. Eat healthy food

It is true that what we eat affect our energy, this why you should be cautious with what you eat. It is advisable to eat protein if you want to have energy that is going to take you throughout the day and avoid sugary things because they will give you energy for the small amount of time hence it is going to lead to cravings. Avoid eating a lot of food because it is going to make you feel tired be unable to complete the task at hand.

8. Stop the negative self- talk

If you speak to yourself negatively it is going to affect your work because you are going to believe the negative thoughts that you have. Always make sure you talk positively to yourself and proclaim that you are better , you are the winner and you are going to make it in life. By doing this you are going towards becoming a winner and achieving your goals.

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