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The Best Lucrative and Productive Ways To Avoid Being Idle During Your Free Time

At this moment in time where everything has become monetized and the cost of living has become high, many people are trying to utilize all their time with minimal rest so that to earn a living by all legal means possible. Nevertheless, there are those who are still idling at the their free time because they don't know how to monetize that time well and at least be productive.

There are ways you can spend your time well and be assured of your own self development, that includes:

1.Reading books.

This is a virtue that every person who wants to become a multi millionaire should embrace. You should at least have a plan to be reading like two or three books a month or even more. However, you should also know the type of books that can help you grow, preferably books that talk about innovation, finances, how to think big, business management, how to solve a problem, how to identify market gaps etc.

This is important in the sense that, you get to be exposed, learn new ways of doing things, you get the skills to identify a problem and solve it, your mind becomes expanded and you can hold a lot of information, brilliant ideas are brought at your exposure and a lot of other benefits follow. In this way you will ultimately be in a position to make a lot of money.

Some of this books include, The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz, PhD, The Rules of Money by Richard Templar.

Remember even the Bible says, "my people die because of lack of knowledge", so read your way to success.

2.You can open a you-tube account

Someone with a certain hobby or is interested in doing something during his or her free can consider opening a you tube account. You just need to download the you tube app from play-store, configure your details eg email, after that click at the right hand corner of your you tube app where you have an icon of your email and lastly click where it is written your channel.

From there, create your account and give it name and then give a description of what you will be doing in that account then submit and you will be set to go.

You can then be recording videos of your hobbies, maybe you love travelling or interacting with wild animals, after that you post on your channel and with time and consistency your account becomes monetized and you will be earning from every post you make. How much you earn depends on the hard-work you are willing to put in.


Did you know that you can earn handsomely just by writing and airing out your ideas? Yes it is possible. There are numerous sites which provide writers with the platform to write their ideas inform of articles and then share it in those sites and then they get paid.

All you need to do is to search for this sites for example opera-mini news hub fill in all your details correctly, your account will become verified after a while and then you will be set to go. From there you can write articles about absolutely anything you want but in line with the laid down guidelines post it there and if it performs well you will get something in your account at the end of the month.

To earn more you need to be producing articles frequently, again it all depends on you.

4.Affiliate marketing

Have you ever asked yourself how you can market products for big and well paying online companies like amazon and Jumia? There exist a way and it is called affiliate marketing.

Here you create an affiliate marketing account with the respective company say amazon. You will then get a list of the products on sale and are on the affiliate marketing program then choose the products you want to market. After that you get a link that is encrypted with your account then you can share the link on your social media platforms and also with friends but remember to give a brief description of what the link is about.

Whenever someone clicks on that link and purchases a product via it you will receive a commission.

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