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How to Save up to 100,000 When Building a Three Bedroom House

There are some practices that can really help you to save alot of money when building a three bedroom house. Just before you start your construction, you need to put these practices in place to help you save so mach money. These practices depend on so many things starting with the masons, time you take during construction, materials and size of the house.

1.Avoid wasting building materials such as cement. There is always a rate for using cements, the most common when building the walls is three wheelbarrows of sand per one bag of cement. Some masons end up wasting so mach cement without following the required rate. Secondly, its important to make sure that all the cement that fall down during construction is well collected and used without any wastage.

2.Have enough money to finish your construction before you start building the house. This will help you to save time, finishing the construction with the littlest time possible will help you in several ways. The first way you will reduce the chances of buying more materials like cement because the one you bought has expired.Secondly, you will save yourself so mach headaches of traveling now and then to inspect the constitution.

3.Buy the building materials in large quantities. When buying materials in large quantities you will always stand to get free delivery that will save you transport cost. Buying materials in large quantities is relatively cheaper compare to small quantities. When buying large quantities you may also get favorable offers that will save you alot of money.

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