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What's Your Favourite Number? Here's What Your Favorite Number Says About Your Personality

According to a numerology expert, a number has a specific meaning, so your favorite number has a specific meaning as well. You can even give it personality qualities. On a subconscious level, the numbers emit specific energy, and we're all highly vulnerable to it.

Here's the rule to observe. If your favorite number is a number above 10, for example, 79, do the following.


1+6=7. For this case, your lucky number is 7. This indicates that you are not materialistic and would rather concentrate on personal development and establishing your path in life. Take a look at your lucky number to see what it symbolizes. We're curious to see if it applies.

Number one. You enjoy taking chances and prioritizing yourself in your own life. You place a premium on making the most of every opportunity.

Number 2. Cosiness, peace, and harmony are very important to you and you’re encouraged to express your feelings and emotions.

Number 3. Spirituality isn't a problem for you. You're an outgoing individual who enjoys debating the meaning of life. However, we must caution you against making impulse purchases. It's possible that they won't always be helpful.

Number 4. You place a high value on safety and consistency. This many people will block out evil from the outside world, but they will also block out a lot of fun. Sometimes the safest option isn't the most enjoyable.

Number five. We've never seen somebody with your level of vigor. You simply keep going! You have a lot of energy, but it can also make you restless. Try to keep track of your expenditures because you tend to spend money on things that will only make you happy for a short time.

Number 6: You enjoy peace. You'll be able to look after yourself and those around you in this manner.

Number 8: Your profession is really important to you. You have a strong feeling of responsibility and are an expert at planning events and other tasks. Being a leader is something you've always wanted to do.

Number 9. You tend to be obstinate. It irritates you when people tell you what to do. Even if you know your decision isn't going to work out, it's your decision, and you want to live with the consequences. There's room for making mistakes and learning from them in this number.

Number 10. You are a patient and independent person with enormous potential. This number helps in bringing projects to completion.

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